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Ba lô Targus 16 Ascend Backpack - TSB75202

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Ba lô Targus 16" Ascend Backpack - TSB75202

The Targus 16" Ascend Backpack is perfect for travel, work, and school. A large storage compartment features a padded laptop compartment and space for documents and files. A spacious workstation, numerious accessory pockets, water bottle pockets, and a padded back panel complete the backpack.
Tech specs:
Compatibility: Designed to fit a range of laptops with screens up to 16" in size; including models with an extended battery.
Compatibility: Fits laptops up to 16”
Functionality and Design:  Zippered stash pocket on front panel; Padded laptop compartment for extra protection; Soft-touch handle; Workstation for storing pens, pencils and small accessories; Jersey mesh water bottle holders; Ergonomic, padded shoulder straps
Material: Durable polyester exterior with a soft-touch neoprene carrying top handle
Water Bottle Holder: Easily accessible water bottle holder placed safely away from sensitive electronics and important files.
Exterior Dimensions: 18.75”H x 13”W x 7.5”L
Interior Dimensions: 15.25" x 1.65" x 10.5"
Weight: 1.19 lb
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