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Lenovo IBM 42U Enterprise Expansion Rack - 93084EX

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Lenovo IBM 42U Enterprise Expansion Rack - 93084EX
42U of rack space designed for enhanced air flow
Outstanding ruggedness and stability with welded-steel construction and heavy-duty casters
Is designed to be shipped preloaded and ready to run, plus can be relocated easily even when fully loaded
Four 1U sidewall compartments for power distribution and other components
Lockable doors and side walls provide a more secure environment for equipment and data
Wider and deeper for easy rear access for cable management
Fits easily through standard 2.03m (80") doorways
External dimensions (HxWxD): 202x65x110cm (79.5"x25.6"x43.3")
Supports the IBM Rear Door Heat Exchanger and Acoustic Door Options
93084EX 42U Enterprise Expansion Rack ships without side panels and includes baying kits and is intended to be used in conjunction with the 93084PX 42U Enterprise Rack when creating a suite of racks

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